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The civil rights movement MASS-VOLL! is supported by people of all religions, ethnicities, professions, genders and ages. We stand for the constitutional order of Switzerland and its inalienable basic rights. Individual freedom is an indispensable prerequisite for the sovereignty of the people and the nation! The government is never tasked to elevate the collective or itself above the rights of the individual. We are the voice of all those who have been betrayed by politics. We are aware of the problems and wishes of the general public, take these issues seriously and offer workable solutions. We show the elites the violet card!

Our political system is in no way functional anymore. Nowadays, political posts are often manned by little more than fourth class scapegraces, cowards and windbags. People who, in a real market economy, would have faded into oblivion a long time ago. Accordingly, Switzerland as a whole is currently experiencing a decline we have never witnessed before.

We once had the best healthcare system in the world, the best power supply, the best schools, stable banks, a functioning pension system for old age, the most innovative industry, an exemplary agricultural sector and real democracy. But politics is failing across the board and all of these achievements are being rolled back piece by piece.


Groceries, rent, medication and life in general is becoming more and more unaffordable. Today Switzerland is a globalized zone, becoming palpably more unstable and insecure. Human beings as individuals are no longer sovereign within the state, while Switzerland is no longer sovereign within the world.

This means nothing less than losing our identity! The basic principles of a healthy society, its values, traditions, customs and morals are under attack. Every day we are faced with cultural imports such as cancel culture and fascist, sexist theories from the woke brigade, which aren’t compatible with Swiss values.

MASS-VOLL! is building bridges and creates a better Switzerland, within which everyone has the right to live as one chooses: Self-determined in peace and freedom. At the forefront are human beings and their basic rights. This guides our thinking and our actions in all political and societal questions. We promote individual responsibility and enable a society with true solidarity! We remove the disgraceful dependence on foreign actors and demand to meet our partners from abroad at eye level. We are yet again the guiding light of freedom in this world. For sovereignty of the people and nation!

Nicolas A. Rimoldi

Fundamental rights aren’t privileges!

In years past, fundamental rightslike human dignity, equality before the law, freedom of expression and many others were willfully disregarded. This coup from above abrogated the constitutional order. Dissenters were persecuted politically and criminally, as well as ostracized. Inhuman measures enforced through compulsion, like lockdowns, health certificates, masking, contact restrictions, fear propaganda and the discrimination of the unvaccinated caused tremendous amounts of harm to the country and its citizens. The consequences of this course of action are financial and psychological problems. Especially for the victims, as well as a societal schism unlike any!

The solution: The autonomy of every citizen is non-negotiable. The most important governmental task is the protection of individual rights and private property.

Your body – Your decision: People are mature and informed, leading self-determined lives with personal responsibility. Nobody is coerced to say “no”. Everyone is entitled to manage his own risk any harm associated with it. Human beings decide themselves how they want to live, what they wish to consume and how much of it.

Protection of basic rights: People who don’t wear masks, don’t relinquish their social lives, don’t (or can’t) get tested or vaccinated will never be discriminated against ever again.

No abuse of emergency measures: Emergency measures are clearly limited to instances of war or natural disasters.

Justice and compensation: All fines and punishments, resulting from illegal enforcement measures, are nullified or repaid. Those responsible and those who profited directly have to pay direct reparations.

Right to self-defense: Liberal gun laws, regarding possession and carry, increases the safety and security of all. Our history shows clearly, that the lives of the people is threatened first and foremost by their own government and its agencies. A potent and effective counterweight is needed to reign in the government’s delusions of grandeur and lust for power.

Maintaining identity: In one’s private life, anyone can be anything. When dealing with the government, there are two genders. Language will not be butchered.

A fresh start for Swiss politics: Based on the rights of sovereign individuals and a restricted government, fundamental rights are reestablished and protected from state interference. Democratic institutions and the rule of law are strengthened.

The people, cantons and nation are sovereign

The people are no longer sovereign within their nation and Switzerland is no longer sovereign in the world. We are more and more under the control of foreign actors! Undemocratic, supranational constructs like the EU and privately financed organisations like the WHO have been dictating Swiss politics for quite some time. We regularly adopt foreign laws and regulations. Global contracts relating to pandemic preparedness, mandatory refugee pacts, migration agreements with automatic measures and climate laws have outmanoeuvered and perverted the sovereignty of the people. By accepting a seat on the UN Security Council, the security of Switzerland has come under threat. Forced political contracts like Schengen-Dublin are leading to massive social, political and economic problems. Excessive immigration is visibly ruining our quality of life. Society is willfully uprooted. Nature, infrastructure, hospitals and schools are taking damage. More and more energy is needed. Tenants are forced out of their homes to create living space for overwhelmingly young, male migrants. More and more people are losing an affordable place to live. Innocent foreigners are placed under general suspicion. The social foundation of our Swiss culture is eroded away!

But now we retake control in our own country!

Protection of constitutional rights: Switzerland does not agree to international obligations that meddle with our constitutional rights.

Switzerland will not be obligated to bow to foreign laws or judges. Only here, citizens enjoy far reaching political rights. National sovereignty is being restored.

Our relationship with the European Union is redefined: There’s only Switzerland and other sovereign nations. The racist and inhumane distinction between EU-Citizens and people from third countries is abolished. We free Switzerland from the shackles of Brussels.

Free trade with the world instead of protectionism: Thanks to the EU, Europe has the worst growth forecasts. An “Integration” to the corrupted EU drags us down the drain. We want to free ourselves from this dependency and engage in trade and exchange with the world as a whole. To achieve this we demand the introduction of unilateral free trade. Especially poorer people will enjoy markedly lower costs of living.

Courage for freedom: Switzerland leaves all organisations that undermine the rights of the Swiss population. A first step is an immediate withdrawal from the WHO, which has discredited itself completely through its actions during the past couple of years.

Moderate instead of excessive immigration: Immigration is fundamentally positive. We want to give foreigners the possibility to live freely in Switzerland. However, immigration into our welfare system is a negative for the local population as well as the immigrants. Those who want to work and sustain themselves are welcome. Switzerland is in need of a resource oriented and controlled immigration policy, respectful of our geographic and cultural peculiarities. We secure our borders, abolish the hardship clause and consequently pursue remigration.

Neutrality is a guarantee for security and freedom!

Perpetual, integral and armed neutrality – a model for success which has served us through the centuries, has been disregarded and damaged by today’s weak federal council. The irresponsible neglect of our neutrality risks life and limb of our citizens.

Committed to global peace, Switzerland serves as an intermediary with good offices and as a centre for peaceful exchange.

Neutrality instead of sanctions: Perpetual neutrality is reestablished and guaranteed through our constitution.

Peace instead of warmongering: Switzerland leaves all military alliances, such as Partnership for Peace (NATO) and KFOR.

Diplomacy instead of sanctions: Switzerland does not sanction other nations and doesn’t deliver any arms. Switzerland provides possibilities which allow sanctioned companies and private citizens to engage in economic activities.

Safe technologies for free people!

Modern technologies are being abused to attack the fundamental rights of the citizenry, enlarge the surveillance sate and control the people. New censorship tools like network blocks create a dystopian hell. Even in our nation, large foreign companies and organisation with little regard for Swiss culture (like the UN or EU) manipulate and interfere in the opinion-forming process when it comes to voting and elections. Our cowardly politicians are completely unable to resist this process. Our everyday lives are being moved into the digital realm. Whoever disagrees is willfully discriminated against. A ridiculous energy policy endangers our supply reliability. Energy lockdowns and 19 degree orders are looming!

We protect an environment worth living in. Today and tomorrow. New technologies support self-sufficieny of the citizenry and the nation.

Thoughts are free: We do not tolerate an orwellian ministry of truth or censorsphip! Neither the government, nor private institutions or "the science'" can define "truth".

Transparent government instead of transparent citizens: Mass surveillance is being dismantled. But any government action is public. Citizens have guaranteed and complete authority over their private data.

Protecting democracy: E-Voting can be manipulated and erodes any trust in the democratic process.

The right to an analogue life: The constitution guarantees offline-rights. When dealing with public offices and their officials we do not tolerate forced digital interactions. The Swiss-ID remains forever voluntary.

Supply reliability instead of blackouts: Sufficiently available, affordable, safe and environmentally friendly energy. A healthy mix of geothermal, water and nuclear power reduces imports. We become energy exporters once more. We do not tolerate the disfigurement of our beautiful landscape through inefficient and unreliable power plants built for wind and solar energy.

No experiments with our health: Producers and distributors of mRNA-vaccines, genetically engineered consumables and similar products are fully liable.

Reindustrialization creates wealth and welfare!

Taxes, duties, fees and levies are being pointlessly increased. The sellout of our home is marching on: Industry weakens, companies and hotels are taken over by states like China or the US. Even sources of fresh water are being sold to foreign investors! The people have less and less money to live. Every part of our life is being regulated, while dependency and paternalism are on the rise. Ideologically prejudiced schools are raising children and youngsters to lead a life of mental immaturity. The welfare state is supervising people living in misery and poverty. Our failed social policy is a betrayal of future generations. The welfare payments for children with disabilities are being shamelessly cut, while billions in tax money are used to feed a steadily growing administrative apparatus (or even sent abroad)!

Human beings should have free command over the fruits of their own labour and pursue their own happiness without fear. We give young people possibilities and get rid of poverty among seniors.

Dismantling of government action with minimal taxation and maximum freedom: We reject any new restrictions, taxes, levies and duties. Compulsory fees like Serafe are paid back and VAT is abolished. There are no minimum wage laws. The media cannot be financed by the state.

Federalism instead of clumsy centralism: The overpriced, substandard services of politicians and public administrations in Bern are a threat to our country. They are endemically corrupt. We demand a radical dismantling of the federal administration and a strengthening of cantons and communes. Politicians are liable for the consequences of their decisions.

Top-notch infrastructure instead of corruption and mismanagement: Infrastructure projects are being built fast and efficiently.

Decreasing foreign dependence: Basic goods are being produced internally, increasing self-sufficiency.

Free payment transactions: Cash is freedom and is preserved as a means of payment. Cryptocurrencies are legal tender. Banking secrecy is fully reinstated.

Individual taxation: Your lifestyle can have no bearing on the taxes you pay.

School choice: Eduction is the responsibility of the parents and not the state. School vouchers allow for more competition and home schooling. The removal of marxist thought from schools alllows for an education free from ideology.

Lowering health insurance premiums: The abolishment of mandatory health insurance, the introduction of reimbursement premiums, as well as a bonus-malus system leads to reduced health insurance premiums.

Interpersonal solidarity instead of administrative misery.

Saving social peace: We enable necessary reforms within the social security system, especially for people with disabilities, securinhg those in the long run. People with disabilities are being integrated into the work force. Free choice of pension funds.

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The civil rights movement MASS-VOLL! is supported by people of all religions, ethnicities, professions, genders and ages.

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